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We Cocanta, offer you a range of products made from the finest Sri Lankan coconut based ingredients.

We Cocanta, offer you a range of products made from the finest Sri Lankan coconut based ingredients. Our company responsibility is to provide the highest quality products at all times while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Under the brand Cocanta we provide you best products with finest service by distributing the best Sri Lankan coconut related products to all over the world. There’s no doubt that all the products manufactured by our company help to keep your skin and your health at a very good level. We always ensure that these products can be used without any side effects from children to senior citizens.This is due to the fact that we manufacture our products using natural coconut based ingredients without using any harmful ingredients. We aim to provide you high standard products, as well as to promote sustainability and build a better life by creating self employment conditions for the people living in poor families in the society. Our mission is to create employment opportunities for poor families  in Sri Lanka through every product you purchase through our company and to open doors for them to earn as much as they can while ensuring the gender equality. The following three categories are the product ranges that are available to you under the Cocanta brand.

  • Cocanta beverage – flavoured drinks ( Coco Ginger, Coco Mango, Coco Lemon and Coco Orange, organic white coconut oil, organic coconut water, organic coconut milk, organic coconut butter/organic cream coconut, organic coconut flour, organic coconut chips, organic vergin coconut oil, coconut suger, king Coconut water, organic coconut aminos)
  • The herbal and cosmetic products – (Cocanta coconut & rose body butter, Cocanta pain killer; head, Cocanta hair cream, Cocanta hair oil, Cocanta body pain relieving, Cocanta cough syrup and Cocanta face scrub, king coconut hair oil)
  • Cocanta clean and care – detergent, baby wash, hand wash ,tile and toilet cleaner.

From ancient times the coconut tree is known as the tree of life because of its great benefits. It can use to flavouring food, as a medicinal remedy, production of various crafts and cosmetics etc. Coconut water is the main medicinal ingredient in the coconut tree. That’s why its described as a very healthy medicine. One cup of coconut water contains 46 calories. Also coconut water contains essential carbs,fiber, protein, vitamin C, calcium and variety of other vitamins. Coconut water also helps to control blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body, so it often acts as a natural remedy to prevent the onset of heart attacks. Coconut also use for carvings on ceilings in the construction of houses. Considering the tendencies of the coconut plant to produce essential items for human health, beauty and everyday life, we decided to launch a range of products based on the coconut plant. This is because there are very few product items associated with the coconut plant around the world.  our purpose is to show the world the maximum benefits that can be derived from the coconut plant and its value. Due to the value of the coconut plant, we decided to make this range of products based on the coconut as a step towards expanding it in Sri Lanka and also internationally to promote the pride of Sri Lanka. Here we act as an entrepreneurial entity that act as a platform for the up- liftment of people’s lives. We primarily consider the concept of eco green, sustainable development, community empowerment and local upliftment.

Through our company we hope to build sustainable development through product marketing as well. We aim to move forward with the sustainable development goals set out by the United Nations. We use 7 out of 17 sustainable development goals directly for our sustainable development procedures.As well as developing the company financially, we pay special attention to sustainable development goals such as encouraging people in poverty & Improving their lives, treating them equally,improving their educational standards, maintaining good international partnerships and ensuring eco friendly development.Here are some of the UN sustainable development goals using in our procedures.

  1. No poverty
  2. Zero hunger
  3. Good health and well-being
  4. Quality education
  5. Gender equality
  6. Decent work and economic growth
  7. Partnerships

Sri Lanka is a developing country and Poverty is a common problem in such countries. Lack of decent livelihood, lack of proper education and disability are major reasons for this.  Our contribution to the sustainable development is based on the above seven factors.  Coconut is the main ingredient that we mainly use for production. We use raw materials of coconut like coconut shells and coconut husks, after use as a means of action to achieve the above sustainable development goals. Our aim is to crafting products using coconut shells and coconut husks that we use for production and thereby build the lives of the rural poor people. We provide them raw materials and support they need to manufacture coconut shells and coconut husks related products, thereby opening up professional doors for them. we are targeting families with single women without husbands, disabled war heroes, poor rural families With children and the youth community who are unable to find a job.

Spoons made using coconut shells, jewellery, saree pins, commemorative plaques, dishes, ornaments, kitchen utensils, washing up scrapers, brooms, bird’s nests and tills are mainly include to coconut shells and coconut husks related products.Through this we hope to alleviate the poverty of the rural people, support them to find money that they need to feed themselves, to set a side portion of money for their children’s education, to improve their living standards and to ensure  equality of both men and women. Every product that you buy from us contribute to strengthening the lives of rural people. We donate an amount from our profits to empower the lives of rural community and also by purchasing a product, you are also contribute to empower their lives.  Our aim is to give them a hand to build-up their lives rather than earning an income.  We are primarily committed to achieving the sustainable development goals by empowering our rural communities and also we hope to maintain good partnerships to move forward with our national and international businesses partners.

We give priority to the eco friendly concept when we work on our company procedures.  The concepts of eco friendly/ eco green are most important concepts in the world today.  This is due to the fact that the world is increasingly facing various hazards with global environmental pollution.  The use of chemicals is increasingly taking place in the world and due to this many people are exposed to various diseases and side effects.  As a result of this it impact to shortening the human life span and the fact that living people suffer from many diseases.  Sri Lanka is currently working on the goal of eliminating the use of chemicals.  At the same time, the release of various chemicals to the environment during the manufacture of products by various companies has led to increase an environmental degradation.  As a company we give priority to the eco friendly concept when it comes to both environmental protection and human health.  We do not add any harmful chemical ingredients to our products and we make our products  using only pure coconut and natural ingredients. Every single raw materials of coconut we donate to selected people to empower their lives. Through our work on eco friendly concepts , we work on sustainable development as well as the concept of eco green concepts in the world.  Through the establishment of our company we hope to continue our services and strengthening partnerships  internationally and also as a company we ensure to work on sustainable development goals, work on eco friendly concepts, empower rural community and earn a fair income and carrying the dignity of pure Sri Lankan coconut related products to the world. Through every product you purchase, you are contributing to this great charitable process and also we go on with our mission to move forward by fulfilling our responsibilities properly for benefit to the rural community. We work genuinely  to build-up  good  international partnerships by working as a sincere company by granting  best service for every business partner.

We Cocanta, always committed to providing you a satisfying service with high quality products and superior service.Your utmost support to our career journey is a great blessing and a great strength for us.

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