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Cocanta Face Scrub

This clay based solution is enriched with a blend of herbs and oils that help in anti-ageing, and revitalizes all skin types. This formula has been developed to soften and improve skin texture, remove dead skin and dark spots and refresh the skin with a natural glow for a youthful and radiant

Cocanta Hair Cream

A 100% natural blend of native Sri Lankan medicinal herbs with no added chemicals, petroleum gel or preservatives. No side effects. This natural blend helps rejuvenate your scalp and eliminate toxic chemical substances produced from the use of hair dye or any other chemically produced hair/scalp solutions.

Cocanta Hair Oil

The main ingredient in this natural receipe is “Pawatta” is considered to be an expectorant in the Sri Lankan herb family and is globally recognized as a renowned indigenous medicine. This herb cures acute stages of bronchitis and provides unfailing relief for cough, cold and asthma, as it as an active ingredient for expelling sputum from the body. කල් තබා ගන්නා ද්‍රව්‍යය හෝ රසායනික ද්‍රව්‍යය අඩංගු නැති, 100% ක් සාම්ප්රදායික ඖෂධීය පැළෑටිවල ස්වාභාවික මිශ්රණයක් වන Cocanta කැස්ස සිරප් ඔබත් භාවිතා කර බලන්න. ක්ෂණික සහනයක් සහතිකයි.

Coconut & Rose Body Butter

A 100% natural blend of Sri Lankan native medicinal herbs and rose petals with a natural, soothing aroma. This certified organic Body Butter serves as an antioxidant which deeply nourishes, moisturises and hydrates all types of skin throughout the day. No added chemically produced fragrance, petroleum gel or preservatives. No side effects. The queen of flowers, Rose is known to be a key ingredient in indigenous medicines for its invaluable health benefits.