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Ancient wisdom from the tree of life now in a fresh twist ready for the modern world

Coconut is known as the tree of life for many reasons. From ancient times, countries around the world, have used it for various things. The tree not only provides a source of food and water but is also used for shelter, fuel, and raw materials. It is an integral part of cuisines from around the world as well as containing water that is consumed for its medicinal properties.

Amongst the parts of the tree which comes in handy, coconut water is a main attraction. It forms naturally within the fruit and is made up of 94% water and hardly any fat. One cup of this is found to be containing 46 calories; it also has carbs, fibre, protein, vitamin C and a whole lot of other nutrients including Calcium. Scientific research has found possibilities of coconut water containing antioxidants, properties to lessen the blood sugar and cholesterol levels, leading to reduced risk of heart attacks.

Cocanta has taken all these in to consideration, when creating the range of products they are now ready to gift to the world. “Cocanta beverage” range includes flavoured drinks, the “herbal and cosmetics” range consists of seven products which you can use without any side effects and “Cocanta clean and care” comprises of a detergent, baby wash, hand wash and a tile and toilet cleaner; while they all carry the natural coconut goodness, they have no added chemicals that can be cancerous upon long time usage.

Cocanta is a result of several nature-loving professionals coming together to bring out the best in the tree of life in commercial products which combine the ancient wisdom and modern needs. From thousands of years ago, our ancestors used coconut for various things and were aware of the beneficial outcomes of it. With time, we are now under the western influence and prefer to drink a cola for thirst or use brand-name detergents not knowing how harmful they can be to our bodies.

Cocanta presents a solution in a 100% naturally-made, affordable form, without any side-effects. The drinks have no added preservatives harmful to the body and no sugar whatsoever. It is an ideal way to quench your thirst, or drink after a hearty workout. It is a perfect alternative for kids who are addicted to flavoured milk and similar products which carries dangerous levels of sugar. The detergent and hand wash range is so pure that it does not harm the clothes nor the skin. Cocanta beauty products carry the true essence of the plant bringing out your natural glow of the skin.

Cocanta is set to be launched soon for the local market! You also can witness this natural revolution and become a part of the Cocanta consumer family, at the Colombo Good Market in Independence Arcade, Colombo 7 at 3pm on Friday 1st of November 2019. Visit for more details.

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Relief your aches and pains, bring out the natural beauty to face the world stronger and confident! Secrets from our ancient wisdom now to your hands